Nada Yoga

The art and science of using sound for healing

Nada Yoga finds its origin in Nadabindu Upanishad, an ancient text which talks about practicing Nada (sound) for one’s wellbeing and for realising the oneness.
Nada Yoga Healing was started to introduce the healing power of sound to more and more individuals. We conduct workshops, classes and online sessions for individuals as well as for corporates.
Our programs, conducted online and on-site, are aimed at helping our participants attain wellness and rejuvenate their cognitive abilities through breathing and singing exercises.
We have been offering our programs to multi-national companies, at community places and also to passionate individuals.

The Science of healing through sound

What is Nada Yoga? What does it talk about?

Use sound to talk to your body and mind and flourish to your full capabilities !

Sound has been one of our oldest companions. Modern science also validates sound or the vibrations as the basis of our existence. Nada Yoga is a practice of meditating on the celestial sound to get rid of our illusions and connect with the ultimate reality. The One Sound, about which the Nada Bindu Upanishad talks, is described as the easiest way of attaining the ultimate.

Though the way of sound has been described as an ‘easy way’ for the novices, just like Hath Yoga, Nada Yoga also needs initial training and handholding. Get in touch with us to know more about our upcoming online and off-line programs which will introduce you to the authentic practice of Nada Yoga.