How Does Practising Nada Yoga Help an Individual?

Mastering Nada Yoga required dedicated practice but, one can start witnessing its benefits within a few days. Practice of Nada Yoga is beneficial for everyone; Nada Yoga is not a religious practice. Though it was discovered by Hindu seers, it is equally a part of Buddhist, Shamanic and Kabir Panthi traditions.

While most of the programs about Nada Yoga are theoretic nature, we emphasise on actually getting involved in singing to reap the benefits of Nada Yoga to their fullest. As per the ancient text – Nadabindu Upanishad, the ultimate benefit of practising Nada Yoga is the experience of Samadhi, or Nirvana. Samadhi is a state where individuality vanishes and one unites with pure consciousness.

Apart from this ace benefit of Nada Yoga, there are multiple other tangible benefits which the practitioners can experience of themselves :

  1. Improved breathing capabilities. Enhanced breathing is the healing force which helps sooth many diseases like cough, cold, headaches, sleeplessness etc.
  2. Relaxation of mind and body : Practising Nada Yoga leads to experience of deep relaxation by mind and body.
  3. Brain function, memory and cognitive abilities : Regular practice of Nada Yoga is beneficial to our brain function. Practising sound also leads to better cognitive abilities and better memory function.

As discussed earlier, the benefits mentioned above are truly the bonuses; the actual benefit lies in the pure bliss that one experiences while practising the Nada Yoga.