Nada Yoga : The Science of Healing Through Sound

Sounds affect us in many ways; sounds that we hear, sounds that are constantly manifesting around us and then sounds that we produce. All of these sounds affect our body and mind.

Nada Yoga is an ancient text which talks about sound as a tool for understanding the cosmos and being one with it. The term Nada Yoga originates from Nadabindu Upanishad which is a minor Upanishad. This scripture talks about Om – the universal sound consisting of A, U and M.

While Nada Yoga is a very short document in itself, it nowhere talks about actual benefits that one can attain out of singing or listening intently. But, one can get lots of clues about Nada Sadhana i.e. practice of Nada if one studies the Indian Classical Music.

With the advances in technology, we have tools and equipment to measure many things which were earlier just vaguely mentioned. For instance, a lot of research has surfaced up about role of singing exercises in brain development. Or role of singing in affecting our breathing and our states of being.

Nada Yoga Healing combines the ancient wisdom mentioned in the Nadabindu Upanishad with decades of experience of actually practising music. Based on our experience of working with individuals and study of various researches being carried out, here are few pointers which directly enlist the benefits of practising sound :

  1. Singing affects our breathing. It’s the easiest and most intimate way of working with our breath. Deep breathing and prolonged exhales are highly beneficial and lead to relaxation. That’s what happens when we sing.
  2. Singing makes our breathing efficient. Regular singing strengthens our respiratory system.
  3. We have also developed some activities and exercises which bring in the aspect of right-left brain co-ordination which help in development of cognitive faculties.

While this is just a tip of the iceberg, please get in touch with us to know more about benefits of practising Nada Yoga.